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  • Guitar Tutoring 


-      Basic, intermediate and advanced guitar lessons 

-      Guitar setup, effect pedals signal chain, amplification, and processor units. Tone             construction and creation of a unique ‘guitar voice’ 

-       Live performance techniques 


  • Music Theory


  • Berkley school of music theory, levels 1- 3

  • Solfege ear training and sight singing

  • Orchestration and arrangement



  • Recording Techniques and Production Skills


  • Logic Pro X tuition, instrument recording, programming and production  techniques 

  • Sibelius software Notation Tuition


  • Songwriting and Composition


  • Lyric writing techniques

  • Chord Progression and arrangements covering a wide range of genres

  • Song Analysis and concepts

Prices And Info
  • *Half hour lessons are $30 paid in advance in 4 week blocks ($120) 

  • *45 minute lessons are $45 paid in advance in 4 week blocks ($180)

  •  This payment secures your allocated time slot and also covers payment of any missed lessons during the 4 week period.

  • ** If you are not able to make a lesson please give me at least 24hrs notice. This will mean you will not be charged for the missed lesson and I will be able to rearrange my schedule. However I’ll try to arrange another time during the week if you do miss the lesson but I cannot guarantee this as empty spaces are a rare occasion. 

  •  Instruments are available during lessons but being able to practice with your own at home is a necessity.  

  • If less than 24hrs notice is given you will be charged for any missed lessons!  

  • Parking is available directly in front of the studio window, if it is in use, please use the central parking area, the other parks are for residents only. 

  • ***Lessons are paid in Cash or online, Details are provided in person.