Guitar Lessons


Basic lessons covering the guitar, tuning, tablature, posture, simple chords, melodies and songs. 


Intermediate lessons covering scales, fret-board knowledge, basic theory and common techniques. Tone construction and analysis  


Advanced guitar lessons covering a wider range of techniques and styles. Rhythm and solo concepts, dissection of favoured guitarists ideas/licks etc.

Music Theory


Theory is naturally linked with the progression of learning the guitar (or any other instrument) but will also help with understanding the fundamentals of music. However it is up to the student to decide how far to take it. I offer basic theory for anyone to help answer the simple questions covering harmony and melody but also can cover more complex theory helping to understand and apply it in their own musical endeavours.

Music Production


Because we live in a modern digital age, it can be important to learn how to record and produce your own music. Either for self-fulfillment or to get your music/ideas heard to a wider audience through YouTube or any other social media. No longer is an expensive studio with an engineer needed to produce a high quality recording and it can be done on a tight budget with a laptop, interface and a little know-how. This covers signal flow, vocal, guitar and acoustic instrument recording techniques, software instrument programming, mixing and mastering. 

Founder’s Notes 


The Music Academy opened in 2017 and continues to provide quality guitar and music lessons to people of all ages and walks of life..

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